The original idea for this mural came to me after watching a documentary on human accomplishments, and food industry specifically. In one of the segments it talked about how rain forests had to be cut down in Brazil in order to make room for cattle farming. Although the imagery from the doc was beautiful, the message was there - can we find a way to keep the food industry going without destroying the Earth while doing so. Being the optimist that I am, it is why I came up with such an image - an adventurer child being among the animals while carrying a camera as a symbol of learning from the past, and a pair of binoculars as a symbol for planning for the future. In the end, I wanted to have an image that made passers-by smile rather than affect them negatively, so I made sure to exaggerate the shapes and work with an uplifting palette. Adventure Time reference was the final touch - I find its lighthearted humor to be the perfect aspect to bring people together. 

Big thanks to Nathan Pope from the City of Vancouver and Lynn Warwick from Mount Pleasant BIA for making this happen. 

This mural is located in Vancouver on Main St and 16th Ave, behind Caffe Rustico.