The Shoe

I was lucky to be among the group of artists who went up to the Squamish Music Festival in 2015, and paint a mural on one of the walls of the pavilion that was specifically built for the purpose of large format art. It was an incredible experience and no matter the rain, and with the help of wonderful Thaira Bouhid, I was able to finish this mural in around three and a half days. Huge thanks goes out to Andrew Young ( for organizing such an amazing project, as well as painting a mind-blowing mural of his own all at the same time.

I wanted to create an uplifting imagery that fit the vibe of the music festival, and that made you want to join in with the characters in the image. Hopefully it worked, and you can see the original design made with festival color palette above. Originally, the name of this mural was going to be along the lines of "Bounce", but since everyone seemed to like his right shoe so much, it had to be changed. I think it fits perfectly with the spirit of the festival, as well as reminds of the good memories we created up in Squamish.

Thank you to Thaira Bouhid and Charles Icay for being such great inspiration.