When Left Alone


"When Left Alone"

Since the beginning, people would gather in groups to build and maintain relationships. It is within our nature to seek out those similar to us, and although humans have evolved and changed through time, many of these functions have maintained. As essential as it is to be a part of a larger mechanism, being alone shaped and continues to shape who we are just as much, if not more. Every person has a unique experience with solitude, be it positive or negative. This is why I wanted to make the concept - “When Left Alone” - to be the focus of my collection of work, as clearly it is such an integral aspect of being human. And yet, it goes unnoticed and not mentioned often enough. 

Through my paintings, I chose to study how the theme of “When Left Alone” has an impact on us as people. It can mean so many things - sitting in silence with one's own thoughts, being abandoned by those we love, sharing an intimate moment, being in nature and forced to confront ourselves, and a lot more. What is overwhelming is how much everyone has to say about these experiences – the response on its own made it challenging to select the ideas I wanted translated into visual elements. I purposely collected the thoughts on being alone from the ones close to me, in order to avoid the risk of having a one-sided view on the subject. In the end, reaching out to my friends also turned out to be a gratifying experience, as I was able to translate their feelings into physical images which now could be easily shared.






The Artist Series centred on three Vancouver-based figurative painters who showcased bodies of work that explored the concept of ID. These feature painters were supported by 15 works by 15 diverse mixed-medium Group Exhibition artists. Amplifying the narrative of the show, the exhibition also contained three installations that aimed to shake up the understanding of identity.