Aberrant Light

Nature and its effect on humans is as fascinating, as it is mysterious. Our psyche and mental state are so closely tied to the cycles that are occurring all around us, yet it is so easy to forget the impact such outside forces can have. What happens when the gloom and the gray surround one for the better half of the year, when lack of sunlight becomes a norm and the seasonal change and aberrant light exposure become a constant - these are some of the themes that this body of work is meant to explore.

In this exhibit, Ilya utilizes the balance between dynamic and static brushstrokes along-side a soft, muted palette. With a touch of limited, high-chroma gestures the goal was to create a sombre mood, suspension of time, and a glimpse of hope. The large open forms of negative space surrounding the focal points turned out to be essential throughout the process to achieve the quiet, ambient spaces of the gray seasons.

Ultimately, with the goal to showcase this body of work in the summer, there is an extra element added to the exposure of the concept. The juxtaposition between the outside and the story being told indoors, the experience may come as a distant memory of past seasons.