Creative Theory Podcast

Episode 29 - Sunny Shah

Sunny and I talked about working in the animation industry, learning 3D software, Sunny's design process and how he got his first job, value of networking, personal projects, and a lot more

Learn more about Sunny and his work here:

Episode 27 - Andrew Tavukciyan

Andrew and Ilya talk about working on murals, inspiration for abstract work, art education at Emily Carr, textiles, application of patterns and a lot more.

Andrew Tavukciyan is an artist from Vancouver, Canada. You can find out more about him and his work here:


Episode 26 - Sebastian Curi

Sebastian and I talked about working in Argentina, Sebastian's transition from animation to illustration, learning new skills, illustration industry, receiving awards, value of constant learning and a lot more.

Sebastian Curi is an Argentinian Illustrator & Animator based in Vancouver whose work bridges colorful characters, bold illustration with graphic design and animation. Sebastian likes to use strong lines, big shapes and simple color palettes. He has been working for over ten years in the animation industry and lately found himself more focused in my illustration work. Now Sebastian enjoys collaborating with brands and agencies to bring his style into their world.

His clients include: Apple, Warby Parker, The New Yorker, Venmo, Frank and Oak, Outdoor Voices, CNN, Soul Cycle and Refinery 29.

Find out more about Sebastian here:

Episode 25 - Jace Junggyu Kim

Jace and Ilya talk about Jace's transition from concept art to being a painter and a teacher, Korean culture, moving to Canada and finding a passion, value of failure, live painting, being ambidextrous, pressure to be better and a lot more.

Jace Junggyu Kim is a Canadian painter currently based in Vancouver, BC. He was born and raised in Korea where he was highly influenced by comic book art until the age of 15. He graduated Emily Carr University of Art and Design with a bachelor’s degree in Media art (animation) with the passion of animator. He worked in various game and motion graphic companies as a digital artist but he made a drastic transition to become a traditional painter.

Find out more about Jace here:

Episode 24 - Stefan Tosheff

Stefan and Ilya talk about balancing multiple passion projects, finding time, Minerva's Map, artistic influences, comic book conventions, selling one's work and a lot more.

Stefan Tosheff is an illustrator, comic artist and musician from Vancouver, British Columbia who loves guitar riffs, play fighting, singing peoples names to them, and hates being late for anything.

To find out more about Stefan's work, go here:

Episode 23 - David Ullock

David and Ilya talk about David's evolving work, transition into sculpture, how various mediums reflect back upon one another, selling art work, Vancouver art scene, murals, albums covers and a lot more with a special appearance from the RCMP.

David is a is a multi-disciplinary artist and maker, based out of Vancouver, BC. His practice of painting, sculpture, and collage aims to explore intricate systems of interconnectedness, while enabling a range of reclaimed woods, paints, and other materials to interact with each other in unique ways.

Find more about David's work here:

Episode 22 - Graeme McCormack

Graeme and Ilya talk about Graeme's journey in the entertainment industry, line quality as a strong tool, Art Breakers market and the work that it requires, creating an art book and using Kickstarter, exercise, travel and a lot more.

Graeme McCormack is an illustrator, concept artist at Relic Entertainment,and one of the founders of Art Breakers Market. You can find more about Graeme and his work here:

Look out for Art Breakers Market coming your way in Spring of 2019.

Episode 21 - Raine Anderson

Raine and Ilya talked about Raine's journey starting from Rainmaker all the way to Industrial Light & Magic, pivotal moments in one's life, environment inside the VFX studios, tackling personal work and sense of self, various art styles, and a lot more.

Raine Anderson is a self made artist who has been working in the film, commercial, TV and video game industry for close to 20 years. Raine first got his start in late 1997 as a runner at Mainframe Entertainment. He then moved his way up into an artist position shortly after and has not looked back. Over the years, Raine has traveled around the world honing his art on both the professional and personal levels. He is currently working as a Texture Supervisor at Industrial Light & Magic Vancouver.

Some of Raine’s work credits include Happy Feet (2006), Avatar (2009), Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011), Partysaurus Rex (2012), X:Men: Days of Future Past (2014), The Revenant (2015), Deepwater Horizon (2016) as well as the upcoming Valerian and the City of a Thousand planets (2017) and Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017).

You can find out more about Raine and his work here:


Episode 20 - Priscilla Yu

Priscilla and Ilya talk about her year away in Harrison Hot Springs, building a website, tackling large murals, development of style, family influence on self and artist path, freelance lifestyle, Priscilla's ambitions and a lot more.

Priscilla Yu is an artist, illustrator, and muralist. Currently based in Vancouver, her colourfully painted worlds dwell in a strange gravity, where the rules of physics are stretched and the inhabitants are adorned with elaborate clothing and large open windows for eyes. 

Find out more about Priscilla and her work here:


Episode 19 - Zoë Pawlak

Zoë and Ilya talk about being engaged with the local art scene, importance of process, time management, Zoë's recent bronze sculpture and her collaboration practice, her process, being sober and a lot more.

Zoë Pawlak is a contemporary, Canadian, artist and designer, working with private clients, interior designers, and brands. She is an active participant in the Canadian creative community and has made a significant contribution toward supporting and promoting female entrepreneurship. 

Zoë’s work has been featured in Architectural Digest, Martha Stewart Living, Interior Design Magazine,  Design Milk, and Domino Mag. Zoë has worked with The Property Brothers, Love It or List It, Lululemon, and Playboy. She is represented in New York by Uprise Art. Zoë's paintings are in the private collections of Cobie Smulders, Cristina and Trevor Linden, and Club Monaco.

Find more about Zoë here:


Episode 18 - Jake Collinge

Jake and Ilya talk about Jake's path in the animation industry, being versatile, creating morally meaningful art, definition of entertainment industry art, making an impact on the world through one’s work and a lot more.

Jake Collinge is an illustrator and entertainment artist living in Vancouver, Canada who has work experience as a Concept Artist/Designer in feature film, animated TV, and games. Member of humble drawing club and supporter of art scene who is also fluent with Maya pipelines for 3D mechanical and set design.

Find out more about Jake and his work here:


Episode 17 - Amory Abbott

Amory and Ilya talk about balancing work schedules, charcoal as a main medium, value of process and planning, post graduate education, teaching, metal music and its connection to art, and lots more.

Amory Abbot is a visual artist living in Vancouver, BC who currently teaches at Emily Carr university, and is represented by Russo Lee Gallery in Portland.

Find out more about Amory and his work here:

Find Amory work at Art Breakers Market in Vancouver, BC this September 22 - 23:

Episode 16 - Laura Bifano and Tessa Riecken

Two of the four founders of Art Breakers Illustration Society - Laura Bifano and Tessa Riecken, joined me in studio to talk about the upcoming Art Breakers event, how it got started, the community it is creating, its value and what the future goals are. We also spend some time talking about Tessa's and Laura's art practices, their approach to art and separation between personal and professional work.

Find out more about Art Breakers here:
Don't miss out on the event happening on September 22nd and 23rd.

Tessa Riecken is traditionally trained painter who currently works at Titmouse as a character designer while doing a lot of illustration during her free time.
Find Tessa at and @wereville

Laura  Bifano graduated from the Alberta College of Art and Design in 2008,  and now splits her time between freelancing, fine art, and working on animated shows and feature films. Laura has an art show - Altars, coming up at Kafka's on September 13th.
Find Laura at and @bifanoland

Episode 15 - Aaron White

Aaron and Ilya talk about value of life drawing, traditional medium in the digital education, ways to select schools, value of art community, working in video game industry and lots more.

Find more info about Aaron here:


Episode 14 - Benjamin T Stone

Benjamin and Ilya talk about technical education, Benjamin's interest in vintage and old-fashioned subject matter, taking inspiration from past pursuits, the way he builts up his illustrations and lots more.

You can find Benjamin's work here:


Episode 13 - Andrew Domachowski

Andrew and Ilya talk about life balance, Andrew's journey to his art career and what's to come next, studying from masters, the value and difficulty of design, teaching and lots more.

Find Andrew on social media and at @andrewdoma

Episode 12 - Eric Pautz

Eric and Ilya talk about tools to improve image making, working in the motion graphic industry, Giant Ant culture, Eric's journey from Brazil to Canada, finding one's voice, keeping up with personal projects and lots more. 

Eric Pautz is a Brazilian Art Director and concept artist living in Vancouver, Canada, currently working as Art Director at Giant Ant.

You can find Eric at @epautz on most social media platforms.

Episode 11 - Michael Mateyko

Michael and Ilya talk about studying in Calgary, the value of intensive education, finding freelance work, understanding your own style and voice, various ways of making a living as an artist and lots more.

Michael Mateyko designs for print while maintaining an active illustration practice. His freelance work includes branding, promotional pieces, editorial, and publication design.

Find his work at:

Check out his solo art show this June 15th at James Black gallery at 7pm.