Roots - Canada 150

Living in Canada means having some of the most gorgeous and powerful nature in your backyard. It is why it is not surprising the transformative effect that nature has on Canadians when we are in its domain. If you have ever gone on a hike, you have experienced the strength and a special community that is created once you are in the wild. All of a sudden every person in sight is a friend who will cheer you on, have a fun conversation, help you keep going, or share a power bar and some water. It is a kind of experience you may not see on the streets, but only in nature's domain. A truly Canadian way of showing kindness and support in the moment of strength and resilience. The kind of nice that takes open-mindedness, friendliness, and good heart.

Having come from Almaty, Kazakhstan at the age of fourteen, it was exciting but also intimidating to enter a new country, not knowing what to expect. It was overwhelming to try to enter numerous new communities and groups all at once to be able to integrate into the society. I feel privileged and lucky to have come to British Columbia and experience its warm welcome. I have come to learn a lot of incredible Canadian values since, and the real definition of being nice is truly close to my heart. Hiking is still one of the activities I enjoy, and I love to be able to rejoin that community on weekends and give back the warmth and support that I have been given all along.