Creative Theory Podcast

Episode 10 - Aimée Henny Brown and Tristesse Seeliger

Aimée, Tristesse and Ilya talk about defining yourself within an art style, what it take to make great collage work, their upcoming art show - In Situ, challenges and benefits of being an art teacher, what it means to be a professional artist and lots more.

Aimée Henny Brown is a project-based artist working with printed matter in flat, sculptural, and performative manners. She is also a non-regular faculty at Emily Carr University of Art + Design, and her archives, research and printed matter aim to place historical content within her contemporary visual art practice.
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Tristesse Seeliger is a Vancouver mixed media artist primarily working with painting and collage. Her art focuses on geometry, territories, perception and cartograph,y and stylistically her work is part abstractions part designed objects that’s aim to create a conversation of alternate modes of perceiving land and space.
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Art Show - IN SITU – Aimée Henny Brown, Julia Kreutz, Jessie McNeil and Tristesse Seeliger
JUNE 2 - JULY 1, 2018
Opening Reception: Saturday, June 2, 3pm | Artist Talk: Saturday, June 16, 3pm